NEXT TO NONE is a progressive metalcore band based out of Lehigh Valley, Pennsylvania featuring Max Portnoy on drums, Derrick Schneider on guitar, Kris Rank on bass, and Thomas Cuce on keyboards and lead vocals.
The band was formed in 2013 and spent several years performing live and writing music. In 2015, Next To None released their first album “A Light In The Dark” through Inside Out Music and was produced by Mike Portnoy. This album received rave reviews worldwide, which credited them as one of the youngest bands to break into the progressive metal genre, also landing Max Portnoy, Rhythm Magazines “BEST NEW DRUMMER OF 2015” award.

Next To None’s second Album “PHASES” is a combination of melodic choruses and harsh vocals from the metalcore genre fused with prog-metal riffage. Phases is a jam packed 1:18 long album of insane music that begins with the brutality found in songs like ANSWER ME and BEG to the emotional angst of ALONE and ISOLATION/DENIAL. This album will leave you wanting more.
Next To None can be seen on tour now, dates available on

Max Portnoy, has been playing drums from around the age of 4 but started taking it more seriously around age 5. Growing up on the road with his dad Mike Portnoy, Max was inspired to follow in his dads footsteps and become a drummer. His biggest influence is his father but aside from Mike, Max’s biggest influence is Chris Adler. Max grew up around metal music and Lamb Of God has always been one of his favorites. Joey Jordison is also another one of his favorites as well as Slipknot. When Max isn’t drumming or writing music, he is most likely playing video games. Some of Max’s favorite video games are League Of Legends, Minecraft, Portal 2, and Outlast.

Kris Rank, began playing the electric guitar in 5th grade but switched to bass guitar when the foursome, which is Next To None, formed a band. Kris’s musical preferences include rock and metal, and his favorite groups are Tool, Periphery, Avenged Sevenfold. He is a gamer, and Call of Duty, Need for Speed, and Minecraft are his top picks. His other interests include robotics, scary movies, tubing, knee boarding, and hanging with friends. Kris is a National Junior Honor Society member.

Thomas Cuce, who has been playing the piano since he was 5, also plays the guitar and the bass. He is able to play for hours each day since he has been homeschooled since Kindergarten. Thomas plays entirely by ear due to the challenges (or gift) of dyslexia. At age 9, his musical gift was realized when, after seeing the Philadelphia Orchestra perform Star Wars theme songs, he replicated the songs within 3 days! In addition to playing music, Thomas plays video games and baseball. His other main interest is writing, recording and engenieering music.

Derrick Schneider, has been playing out since the age of 11. He is a dedicated musician with a passion for touring, writing, and performing. He has been playing guitar for years and sings as well. He studies with Tom Monda of “Thank You Scientist” and with some great vocal coaches like, Jaime Vendera, Chris Keller, and NYC Broadway coach Justin Stoney. Derrick has written songs in the past that we’re featured on HBO’s “True Blood” and “Dexter”. His influences range from many different musicians and bands like, Steven Wilson, Dream Theater, Pain of Salvation, Symphony X, TesseracT, Anathema, and many more..